In 1995 amnesty write a report entitled in spanish

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Overview of Recent Legal Changes Since the failed coup of Augustand the subsequent breakup of the former USSR, AI has welcomed Russia's continued implementation of various legislative changes aimed at bringing its laws into line with international standards. The organization made the same request again in Aprilbut as of April no response had been received from the authorities.

In this report, AI examines these human rights issues and makes suggestions to remedy this crisis. A follower of Dr Ali Shariati [12] and a refugee in Sweden who does not wish to have his name publicized, was abducted in Individuals held incommunicado do not have the right to communicate, or have communicated, to a family member or other person of their choice the fact and place of their detention.

Where evidence is uncovered of possible criminal acts, this must be passed immediately to the judicial authorities for further investigation. Spanish law permits detainees held incommunicado to see court-appointed forensic doctors every day but does not allow them to be examined by a doctor of their own choice.

Despite repeated attempts by AI to visit Iran, the government has rejected all requests to observe trials, conduct fact-finding visits and hold talks. Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all circumstances and is committed to its abolition in all countries.

He is believed to be currently held in Qazvin Prison.

Annual Report summaries 1995: an overview of the Amnesty International Report 1995

The security forces claimed they had been killed in an "encounter", but two released detainees said all five had been tortured then shot. Major changes since The trial was grossly unfair; at no stage were they represented by a lawyer and they had no right of appeal against the verdict or sentence.

However, the prosecution was said to be seeking the death penalty in three separate cases of alleged murder, involving at least eight defendants. Amnesty International considered Mehdi Dibaj to be a prisoner of conscience and repeatedly called for his immediate and unconditional release.

For example, Guinea responded that no one could be sentenced to death below the age of 18 but added that the maximum age beyond which a person might not be sentenced to death was 16; it was therefore impossible to interpret such replies.

Amnesty International recommends that doctors appointed to examine detainees should: Many live in constant fear that lives lived on both sides of closet doors will be snuffed out behind the closed doors of government repression. A large number of people, including some prisoners of conscience, were believed to be imprisoned for up to four years under a section of the Penal Code entitled "The Dangerous State and Security Measures" which contains few fundamental judicial guarantees see Amnesty International Report Offences under military law and offences against the State Waging or attempting to wage war or abetting the waging of war against the State; abetment of mutiny if mutiny is committed as a consequence; shamefully abandoning any fortification, post etc.

Amnesty International Report 1995 - Cuba

He was denied family visits for more than three years and is reportedly suffering from various illnesses, allegedly caused or exacerbated by torture. The text appears in the six official languages of the United Nations: Human rights and political activists continued to face frequent short-term detention and harassment.

Amnesty International recommends that the Spanish Minister of Justice should: They were arrested in the late and charged with "activities against the Islamic Republic" as alleged members of the Kurdish group, Komala.

Civilians Continue to Pay the Price AI is deeply disturbed by the human rights abuses which have taken place as a result of the conflict over Karabakh ,an area in Azerbaydzhan populated mainly by ethnic Armenians. Extrajudicial executions and torture are persistently high. The third survey elicited 64 responses: Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Egypt, Guinea and Turkey replied that sentences on new mothers would not invariably be commuted to life imprisonment.

In the northeast, civilians including Muslim immigrants were targeted for abuses by armed opposition groups. Thus, 46 of the 89 countries that responded to the fourth survey or the survey on safeguards or both in did not respond to the fifth survey.

This report details an appeal to the international community to protect human rights in this region.

Amnesty International Report 1995 - Cuba

His family did not know his whereabouts until when they were informed that he was being held in a prison in Mahabad. Detainees accused of offences against state security were held under investigation for several weeks or months without access to lawyers.

Several countries include under their military codes offences committed against civilian populations, such as genocide, murder and the mistreatment of civilian populations and prisoners.In August Amnesty International publicly challenged the government to respond seriously to more than cases of "disappearance" in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, following a disappointing government response to a report issued by Amnesty International in (see Amnesty International Report ).

SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. Chile: The case of Carmelo Soria, a United Nations official. 1 JanuaryIndex number: AMR 22// Amnesty International Report - India. (see Amnesty International Report ), pursued, and in June another entitled India.

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Amnesty International calls on the Spanish authorities to abrogate the existing incommunicado detention legislation and ensure the effective protection of the rights of all persons deprived of their liberty, in a manner that is consistent with international human rights standards.

In 1995 amnesty write a report entitled in spanish
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